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SBIR Commercialization Assistance Providers

The Montana Innovation Partnership powered by TechLink works with many small businesses as they work to submit competitive SBIR/STTR proposals. We collaborate with our partners to make sure we can connect our clients with resources so they may seek additional investments and support services as they grow and scale their tech-based business in Montana. All of our services are provided at no cost to the client.

Some companies may wish to acquire additional paid services to help prepare their SBIR proposals or commercialize SBIR-funded technology.

Listed below are a handful of vetted service providers who can provide fee-based consulting services. Some of the consulting firms listed below may also serve as TABA providers.

What is TABA?

Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) is additional funding for SBIR awardees to cover costs outside of what your award may cover without reducing the budget for your technical work. Official TABA vendors are organizations approved by the SBIR agencies to be subcontracted by your firm for your specific assistance needs. Most agencies require that you request to receive TABA at the time you submit either your Phase I or Phase II proposal (check the solicitation instructions).

TABA provides support for SBIR awardees to help make better technical decisions on SBIR projects, solve technical problems that arise during SBIR projects, minimize the technical risks associated with SBIR projects, and help commercialize the SBIR product or process. Be aware that receiving TABA makes your firm ineligible to use agencies’ other commercialization assistance programs. Be sure to examine the service providers your agency offers, and select the best option for your firm.

May I use a TABA vendor that is different from the agency-appointed provider?

Sometimes. Check the terms described in the solicitation. If allowed, you may be able to use TABA funds to hire a qualified third-party consultant or firm to perform the activities covered by TABA. In your cost proposal, you will include information about your selected vendor.

The following is a collection of vetted potential TABA providers as well as some Montana-based resources for legal and grant-writing services. The SBIR training and support services of the Montana Innovation Partnership are provided at no cost to Montana-based companies. We cannot, however, be a designated TABA provider, but our independent contractors and partners listed below can. These providers offer expertise and knowledge from years of SBIR support experience.

Companies offering TABA and SBIR Commercialization assistance

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BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, LLC (BBCetc) works with technology-based entrepreneurs and companies throughout the U.S. on strategies to advance their R&D efforts to commercialization. The BBCetc team is nationally recognized for its success in helping clients secure federal funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. BBCetc services include /STTR training, proposal development consulting, post-award management and TABA commercialization assistance.  With expertise in all 11 participating federal agencies, the BBCetc team has reviewed over 3,000 proposals since 2000 and trained thousands more on how to prepare compelling SBIR/STTR proposals and integrate SBIR/STTR funding into their overall funding strategy.


Dawnbreaker has helped thousands of companies implement strategies that have proven effective in bringing SBIR/STTR funded technologies to both the defense and commercial markets. Our team of business acceleration managers, market researchers and graphic designers provides the tools, the information and the access needed to be successful.

Lyn Barnett

Eva Garland Consulting (EGC) assists clients in identifying and securing SBIR/STTR grant funding from all of the federal agencies who participate in the SBIR/STTR program, including the DoD, NIH, NSF, DoE, ED, USDA, NASA, and EPA. ECG also manages the SBIRLand website and authored Winning SBIR/STTR Grants: A Ten Week Plan for Preparing Your NIH Phase I Application, which has been used by thousands of businesses to efficiently prepare their SBIR/STTR proposals. ECG comprehensive Grant Writing services simplify the process of preparing your SBIR/STTR Application, and include:

  • Communication with Granting Agency Representatives and Program Officers.
  • Registration with granting agencies, the small business association (SBA), and
  • Writing all grant proposal documents
    • Research Plan
    • Commercialization Plan
    • Budget and Justification
    • Subawards
    • Project Summary and Abstract
    • Animal Welfare and Human Subjects sections
    • Facilities, Resources, and Equipment
    • Biographical Sketches
  • Submission of grant application package.

(919) 825-1600

Foresight Science & Technology has over 39 years of commercialization consulting experience and an extensive background as a SBIR commercialization support contractor. Foresight is currently under contract to provide services for the NIH SBIR/STTR Phase I NAP, the EPA SBIR/STTR Phase I and II CAP, and the NOAA Phase II CAP. Foresight is also subcontracted to review hundreds of DOE SBIR/STTR Phase II commercialization plans every year, giving us a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of typical commercialization plans.

Foresight’s Technical and Business Assistance services include:

  • Market Analysis- reviewing competitive technologies, market size and dynamics
  • Expert/End-User Interviews for Insights and Market Validation
  • IP Landscape Review
  • IP Strategy Consultation
  • Product Development Consultation
  • Regulatory Path-to-Market Consultation
  • Market Entry Launch Strategy
  • Company Resource and Team Building
  • Manufacturing Strategy Consultation
  • Fundraising Strategy Development
  • Financial Plan Review
  • Web Presence and Social Media Consultation
  • Preparation of Marketing Materials
  • Identification and Outreach to Potential Partners
  • Technology Representation at Trade Shows, Conferences, or Events
  • Deal Terms Advisory

Alyssa Belleville (Nacewicz)
1-401-273-4844 ext. 4004

Larta Institute, founded in Los Angeles in 1993, is an internationally recognized and mission-driven innovation accelerator that provides a runway of success for world-changing ideas in technology, healthcare, agriculture and energy. Larta Institute has helped more than 10,000 companies transform ideas into commercialized innovations that feed, fuel and heal the world. With a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, industry leaders, research institutions, government agencies and support organizations, Larta conducts commercialization assistance programs throughout the U.S. and in more than 20 countries. Larta provides proposal assistance from start to finish.

Carlos Gutierrez

Consultants providing assistance for MTIP clients who may also be available for private consulting services like TABA, market research, and commercialization assistance

Christie Bell, Incorporated

Christie Bell® Incorporated consultants provide high-tech business management expertise to achieve the commercial development of innovative products and services.  Our goal is to give traction to your ideas, making key connections to business opportunities such as licensing-in, licensing out, and strategic partnering. Christie Bell® Incorporated clients are highly driven success-oriented entrepreneurs from large and small firms who understand the difference professional experience and know-how can make in pro-actively building smart performance – performance that can be measured in commercial revenue, and deal producing professional relationships.

Christie Bell
(406) 924-8440

Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc.

We specialize in two areas of importance to Small Business: Business Incubators and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc. has been active in making firms aware of the opportunity, teaching them how to write competitive technical and cost proposals for funding and offering individuals assistance including draft proposal reviews and brainstorming on proposal strategy and content. They have now taught thousands of entrepreneurs in 48 states and Puerto Rico. They also are regular instructors of Phase I and Phase II proposal preparation workshops at national and regional conferences.

Training services include:

  • Phase I Overview and Proposal Preparation.
  • Phase II Proposal Preparation
  • Cost Proposal and Government Accounting
  • The Business Side of SBIR
  • Commercialization

Jim Greenwood
(239) 395-9446

EKase Consulting

EKase Consulting delivers strategic consulting to business owners and top management who are trying to move from ideas and technology to products that solve their customers’ problems and produce revenue. With a focus on small to medium enterprises, 20+ years of leadership in marketing, business development, and professional services EKase Consulting defines the value proposition you provide to your customers. Technologies include software, medical devices, scientific instrumentation, aerospace systems, and pharmaceutical technologies.

Providing strategies and actionable plans that leverage core competencies, incorporate industry best practices, and provide a detailed roadmap with measurable milestones for achieving goals. Can provide organizations with:

  • Strategic planning consulting, facilitation, and execution
  • Fractional business development
  • Business plan development
  • Facilitate Business Model Canvas / Value Proposition Canvas
  • Marketing plan creation and execution
  • Market assessments
  • SBIR/STTR commercialization plans
  • Pricing and product positioning
  • Channel development plans
  • New product launches

Ed Kase, MBA
(303) 641-3645

Montana Based Additional Assistance

Grant Writing

Catherine Jones Associates

Providing prospect research, grant writing, grant review, and grant consulting. Our experienced grant writers have raised millions of dollars in support from foundations, corporations, the federal government and individual donors.

Catherine Jones
(406) 552 2434

Tease Law

Registered patent attorney practicing in the areas of intellectual property and technology law. Before forming her own law firm in 2003, Ms. Tease was General Counsel for Rocky Mountain Technology Group, Inc., a software development company with its worldwide headquarters in Billings, Montana. Represented clients in both high-tech and traditional industries in intellectual property matters. Currently a member of the Montana World Trade Center Tech Export Team.

Antoinette Tease
(406) 294-9000

Joel Henry

Dr. Henry advises start-up companies, established businesses, and individuals using his extensive understanding of technology, business, and intellectual property law. Joel’s experience inventing, commercializing and protecting his own intellectual property gives him unique perspective – that of someone who has worked through invention, startup, capital raise, and exit of his own software company.

Joel Henry, Ph. D.
(406) 721-3400

Shane Coleman

Registered patent attorney with a background in electrical engineering, Approaches cases with a technical understanding that many of clients rely on. Concentration on intellectual property law, including prosecution and litigation of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Litigation practice includes intellectual property, construction, employment, bankruptcy, and other commercial disputes. Has represented clients before Montana state and federal courts, Federal Appellate Courts, the Montana Supreme Court, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and administrative agencies.

Shane Coleman
(406) 252-2166