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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Over the past three decades, legislation has worked to create a way for new innovative materials, products and devices invented in federal labs to be used within the private sectors. Technology Transfer allows for this to be completed.

Technology transfer is a process that develops new technologies adds patents and commercialization strategies and then licenses them out to private sector companies and new startups.

There are multiple state and national resources to help companies become involved with technology transfer programs:

Montana University System Technology Transfer Offices

Montana State University Technology Transfer Office – The MSU technology transfer office aims to help develop the relationships of researchers and the industry they are in, licensing the inventions created at the university, and help companies leverage the resources provided by Montana. Learn more.

Montana Tech Technology Transfer Office – Montana Tech office works with faculty and students in their research office. Their tech transfer helps to develop intellectual property. Learn more.

University of Montana Technology Transfer Office – The UM office of technology transfers encourages relationships that will help develop the ideas discovered by UM faculty. They work with entrepreneurs to increase economic and societal value within the community. Learn more.

Technology Transfer for Federal Labs

TechLink Center – Techlink is the authorized, nationally focused technology transfer partnership intermediary for the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, working with companies of all sizes. Techlink is a center within the Montana State University office of research, economic development, and graduate education. Learn more.

Federal Labs Consortium – FLC is made up of over 300 laboratories, facilities, and research centers and their SBIR agencies. This community works to promote technology transfer across the nation by providing the tools, services, and educational resources that reflect the latest science and technology legislation through the most current technological platforms of the time. Learn more.